Victor Asliuk - Belarus - 2020 - 28 min.


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Take a closer look at the cemetry — a taboo place in our culture, that raises very controvercial feelings.


Epitaph2.50 BYN


Director Victor Asliuk
Country Belarus, Poland
Genre documentary
Year 2020
Age 12+

This Belarussian necropolis is a place where some people can meet with dead family members and spend time on contemplation. Few others try to look for the traces of the past there, some come just for a walk and yet another group engages into family feasting. Next to strollers and contemplators, there sometimes come cats creeping among the tombs and squirrels looking out from trees. Immersed in deadly silence, the cemetery comes to life from time to time, while the faces from tomb photographs, frozen in time, look at all this in silence.