Audrius Mickevičius - Lithuania - 2019 - 85 min.


Exemplary Behaviour
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The film explores the paradox of exemplary behaviour of murderers currently serving life sentences in Lukiskes Prison in Vilnius and hoping to return to society.

Exemplary Behaviour

Exemplary Behaviour4.50 BYN

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Director Audrius Mickevičius, Nerijus Milerius
Country Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria
Genre documentary
Year 2019
Age 18+

Having experienced the loss of the murdered brother, director Audrius Mickevičius went to the Lukiškės prison to examine the paradox of "exemplary behaviour". Mickevičius met Rimas and Rolandas who are sentenced to life but driven by the hope of change. Mickevičius himself experienced the journey from anger to forgiveness, which was interrupted by his terminal disease. “Exemplary Behaviour”, completed by its script editor Nerijus Milerius, explores the ideas of forgiveness and social justice.