Inese Kļava - Latvia - 2019 - 90 min.


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Брюссель больше не воспринимается как просто место на карте. Сейчас это окутанный мифами центр, где принимаются решения о будущем всей Европы.


Brussels4.50 BYN


Director Inese Kļava
Country Latvia
Genre documentary
Year 2019
Age 16+

In the minds of people, Brussels is no longer a geographical location; it is now a myth-surrounded centre, where decisions are made regarding future life in Europe. The most brilliant minds from the European countries have convened in Brussels: former state leaders, highly-placed officials, advisors, translators and interpreters, as well as family members of all these people. Together, they comprise a sort of separate planet ruled by special laws and using new methods of communication; it is a place of a high concentration of power and all sorts of creature comforts. The anxiety following the 2016 attacks on Brussels has taken everyone by surprise, and the question whether to stay on Planet Brussels now comes up increasingly often. The Brexit news gave completely different kind of concussion to the commonly established center of Europe.