Yuliya Shatun - Belarus - 2019 - 29 min.


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Poetical meditation of the director on importance and ubiquity of borders — in geography, history and cinema.


Boundaries2.50 BYN


Director Yuliya Shatun
Country Belarus
Genre essay, documentary
Year 2019
Age 12+

The idea and story of the film begins on a train: the recording of a message on a cell phone suddenly stops after the crossing of the state border. The real situation initiates a movement to the realm of art: the short message becomes a documentary letter, the director’s poetic meditation on the importance and ubiquity of borders — in geography, history, and cinematography. Listening to the persistent humming sound, we follow the author on her existential journey through four cities consisting of real images and footage taken by the director’s father 25 years ago that always bring us to some visible or invisible border.