Ales Lapo - Belarus - 2020 - 52 min.


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Debut short films of Belarusian documentary filmmakers, united by the topic of a social role of internet in modern life.


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Director Ales Lapo, Maxim Shved, Ksenia Golubovich, Veronika Bondarovich
Country Belarus
Genre documentary
Year 2020
Age 16+

"In four episodes" Scriptwriter Ekaterina Stabrovskaya, director Maxim Shved, cameraman Alexander Vlasov. The film tells about Alexander Makarchuk. A man with a disability, bedridden, did not fall out of social life and created a distance learning school "At Sava", where they help to learn foreign languages. "Hello. Why are you silent?" Scriptwriter and director Ksenia Golubovich, cameraman Alexander Vlasov. The hero of the film Sasha is a deaf-mute boy. Like everyone, he also wants to find his one and only and get a family. Here he counts on the help of social networks and the Internet. But in life everything is not so simple. "All activities according to plan" Scriptwriter Marta-Daria Klinova, director Ales Lapo, cameraman Alexander Vlasov. The young man Denis Dashkevich is the director of the rural House of Culture in the agricultural town of Pobolovo, Rogachev district. In an attempt to find new aspects of the work of the cultural center in the village, he plans to create a computer class for elderly people. But in reality, this idea faces many difficulties due to the psychology of the villagers and age. "We need people" Scriptwriter Olga Drachuk, director Veronika Bondarovich, cameraman Sergei Mileshkin. The film is dedicated to the work of the search and rescue team "Angel", which is based on volunteers, people who are not indifferent to someone else's grief.