Artsiom Lobach - Belarus - 2020 - 50 min.


Way Home
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Forced relocation from Crimea becomes a life-challenge for the protagonist.

Way Home

Way Home2.50 BYN

Шлях дадому

Director Artsiom Lobach
Country Belarus
Genre documentary
Year 2020
Age 18+

The protagonist of the film is a 28-year old guy from Crimea. After Crimea had been taken over, Pavel moved to the village in Ukraine. His friends helped him to buy a small house where Pavel dwells at the moment. Pavel’s parents couldn’t leave their household and decided to stay in Crimea putting up with the new way of life. Pavel does not want to return to the occupied Crimea and he is building his life in a new place. But it is not easy for him to integrate into the new society. It’s easier for him to be alone.