We keep asking ourselves – where are we going? What's next? These questions become particularly pressing when we are stuck and everything feels like a dead-end, when there's hardly any hope left, when we don't feel any progressive movement and it's unclear what lies ahead, if anything at all.

In joyful times, such questions motivate and uplift us, give us the sense of expansion and perspective. In times of sorrow and pain, such questions trouble and further frustrate our bewildered mind, feed our ruminating thoughts and awaken fears.

What if it becomes worse? Wouldn't it be better if I did nothing? If I didn't try? Would it? What if? Should we have the festival or not? Should we have it online or live? And so on and so on. The sheer amount of these questions with no correct answers or guarantees can really drive you mad.

These haunting doubts don't make our lives easier. We will never know what would happen if. There is only here and now. And time goes by. And we have to make one choice after another, with each choice leading us to where we are now.

Is there anyone to tell us what to do? There isn't. Is there anyone to assure us of this or that outcome? There isn't. The only thing we can do is to do everything we can. The only person each of us can turn to is self. We carry all the answers within ourselves. And time goes by. And doubts can only make you stop and waste this time. Time is above all things. It's all a matter of time. Time heals everything. This is what wise grown-ups say.
But what about us? Here we go/come! We try not to waste time, to keep the best that we have, protect each other and maybe even create something new and cool. To sow some seed for the future, to breathe, to smile, to support each other, to rejoice in ordinary things that are still left within our control, in order to stay sane. We are moving forward, focusing on kindness and love, on creating new yet customarily incredible things, in order to keep shining and illuminate the world around us with what we do, even if a little bit. That's why – here goes/comes a movie!

Movies embody our unbreakable will and optimism, our passion for life and striving for justice. Our right is to be called people. Movies go by just like time, fast-paced and slow, chaotic and orderly, but without a pause. Movies run like water that drop by drop can break down a mountain. Movies go incessantly, and the Northern Lights Festival is a magical conduit that transmits creative vital energy to everyone who comes close.

Overflown with doubts, anxiety and fears, moving forward is the only thing left to us. Don't stop! Breathe! Don't stop! Breathe in! Breathe out! Don't stop! Breath! Move forward! Move forward! Go!

After all, 'Why all the quarrels, clashes and squabbles, when we are all together heading for the stars?'
Founder and director
Norther Lights Film Festival